Judo - The Gentle Way
Balance is an adjustable floor lamp inspired by the principles of Judo and Japanese design and culture. Balance works by changing the equilibrium of the weight; which is the symbolic essence of Judo.
Self-Initiated Project
Craft, Lighting, Industrial Design
Balance is inspired by the martial art - Judo (柔道) meaning ‘The Gentle Way’ and its ideologies. Created in 1882 by Jigoro Kano as a physical, mental, and moral pedagogy or teaching in Japan. Judo simply explained, is a combat martial art practising the principle of ‘Seiryoku-Zenyo’ meaning maximum efficiency with minimum effort through defeating an opponent using a range of grappling techniques such as throwing, submissions and strangles. Combining different methods of breaking one's balance and using ones strength against another. Moreover, its principles transcend purely training but into a practitioners life, mentality and philosophy.

This deep, personal understanding of Judo and its philosophies such as balance and equilibrium is translated into a contemporary physical object.
Rigorous research went into the design of the lamp. Combining my decade of experience of Judo with observational, historical, cultural research of Japan through museum visits, reading and interviews with experienced Senseiʼs. I was able to have a clear understanding of the background and essence of Judo and Japan. I took the key insights of Judo being about physical and spiritual balance into ideation.

The lamp developed thorough a range of experimentation of possibilities and prototypes. Using sketching, making and insights from research, enabled me to develop the form, function, mechanics and aesthetic of the lamp. A developed a unique technique of heating and bending copper pipping which was a very diffcult learning process. Eventually creating a beautiful form and finish.
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