The Family Friendly Router
Caspo – The Family Friendly Router is a playful and tangible home Wi-Fi router, created in partnership with Recipe Design’s Smart Living Brief. Caspo intelligently controls your Wi-Fi usage to increase valuable family time at home and foster meaningful family interactions.
Client Project - Recipe Design
Industrial Design, Smart Technology, UX, Identity
Caspo, named after the mischievous poltergeist, is a modern and playful piece of smart technology that intervenes and controls Wi-Fi to reduce the loss of shared experiences and family time at home. It is designed as a tool to overcome ‘Technoference’ of Wi-Fi devices, build better digital habits and foster meaningful family interaction.

Caspo is a first in being a physical touchpoint for users to control their Wi-Fi use at home, to challenge our obliviousness and unrestricted access to the internet. It is pivoted around the family dynamic – meaning it mediates between different family member needs. Balancing both parents and children’s responsibility and want for interaction.  It is designed with different methods of behavioural nudges and flexibility to allow families to create their own commodity and household rules.
How Caspo Works 
Caspo connects to your router and poses as a gateway to control WiFi, working by using various features based on home scenarios. Firstly, Capso monitors the WiFi usage per profile and the household (shown via the barmeter), to which when limits are reached, turns off WiFi. Secondly, turning the mechanical timer turns off WiFi for the set period; aswell as pre-set rules e.g. “Dinner at 7pm” or "Saturday family game day". Lastly, Caspo prints reports when limits are reached and also using the button prints out family time tokens. Children can feel neglected and the token can be customised to suggest family activities e.g. "Games Night".

These features are designed to not demonise technology but to be used as a tool to nudge and create awareness to reduce the impact of 'Technoference' on family time and create human interaction at home.
Caspo has been designed to create a seamless and exciting user experience from the packaging, to the tactile materials. Combining innovative and complex technology with a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing Caspo to be playfully mischievous and a practical tool to reduce Wi-Fi usage and bring the family together. 
Caspo becomes a persona in the home, being a mediator between different user needs to have an impact on bringing the family together. Growing to be more than just another smart object, but an intelligent piece of technology going beyond utility and fulfilling a greater goal of bringing families together, building habits, educating behaviour and influencing the way we grow with technology.
Process & Background
Recipe Design challenged us was to question the meaning of 'smart technology' and how meaningful Smart technology could aid intergenerational families. With such an open brief, we worked collaboratively to thoroughly research the smart tech landscape, family lives and the real user need for 'Smart'.
Meaningful Insights
Reaching so many families via face to face interviews, attending play days, remote video calls and questionnaire unpacked lots of meaningful insights into the family home and what they need from smart technology. Where smart goes beyond just convenience and connectivity, but to be 'intelligent' in creating human interaction and bring meaning to the home.
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