A self-assembly Ai stool
A self-assembly Ai stool who's only purpose in life is to be sat on by humans - homage to Enzo Mari's Autoprogettazione & Sedia 1.

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W.I.P FINH Studio Project
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Mr. M
The Sedia Uno (Chair 1) is a key part of Italian designer Enzo Mari's 1974 'Autoprogettazione' collecton of furniture. 'Autoprogettazione'- literally meaning Self - Design, as implied is self assembled furniture made from the most basic and affordable materials, constructable by anyone with a hammer and nails. In an effort to socialise manufactured furniture and empower the individual to create their own furniture.
Evolutionary change
In the new era of ubiquitous technology and advancing machine learning. The Sedia_2 is as stool you can buy, build, train,and live with. Sedia_2 is an ongoing secret experiment in Edge Computing between FINH, an Oxford PHD, and a maker.
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